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结构由拍门座,拍门盖,连接轴组成,拍门座采用双法兰结构,下法兰起到拍门连接固定作用,上法兰起密封止水和排水的作用。圆形拍门固定法兰采用国 家标准,与市场销售的钢制法兰实现互配,矩形拍门固定法兰为非标法兰。拍门座倾斜角度一般为75度,对于大型拍门,可增加倾角,一般为80度,其目的就是 能让拍门盖更好的打开。拍门座的另一面法兰为密封止水法兰,其表面开有U型槽,内嵌y型密封胶条,密封胶条与玻璃钢之间涂有进口高级粘结剂,粘结牢固,具有优越的耐水性能,不会因长期浸泡和频繁开启而脱落。密封胶条采用进口橡胶原料,在硫化床内硫化成型,其形式,柔韧性和密封性能经我厂多年探索和实践,并经不断改进,其密封效果十分理想,其柔韧性能减缓拍门盖因瞬间回水对拍门座的撞击力,保护拍门座和拍门盖,因此该胶条起到密封和缓冲的双重作用。比如水泵的关停时拍门出水口突然缺水而瞬间关闭,由于拍门盖重量相对较轻,在胶条的减缓下,无形中已消去大部分外力,从而使拍门盖紧紧关闭而不会损坏。


FRP racket door structure is composed of racket door seat, racket door cover, connecting shaft。 The racket door seat adopts double flange structure, the lower flange plays the role of connecting and fixing the racket door, and the upper flange plays the role of sealing water and drainage。 The fixed flange of circular racket door adopts the national standard and matches with the steel flange sold on the market。 The fixed flange of rectangular racket door is non-standard flange。 The slant angle of the door seat is usually 75 degrees。 For large slap doors, the slant angle can be increased to 80 degrees。 The purpose is to make the door cover open better。 The flange on the other side of the racket seat is a sealed water stop flange with U-shaped groove on its surface and Y-shaped sealant strip embedded。 The sealant strip and FRP are coated with imported high-grade binder。 The flange has good water resistance and won't fall off because of long-term immersion and frequent opening。 Sealant strip is made of imported rubber material and vulcanized in vulcanizing bed。 Its form, flexibility and sealing performance have been explored and practiced by our factory for many years。 Its sealing effect is very ideal after continuous improvement。 Its flexibility reduces the impact force of flap cover on flap seat because of instantaneous return water, and protects flap seat and flap cover。 The adhesive strip has double functions of sealing and cushioning。 For example, when the pump shuts down, the tap door outlet suddenly shuts down because of water shortage, because the weight of the tap door cover is relatively light, most of the external force has been eliminated invisibly under the tape slowdown, so that the tap door cover closed tightly without damage。

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